From the very first wedding I performed – in a kitchen in Reading with only the couple
and me - to the most recent one at which I have officiated, I still delight and share in the couple’s excitement.

Each wedding ceremony is custom designed by you and me to reflect your personal choices and personalities.  Whether you choose a traditional ceremony, or a more contemporary one, religious or non-religious, your wedding will be unique to the two of you.  It's your wedding and should convey exactly what YOU want it to be.

I will send you an extensive compilation of wedding readings and vows, sample ceremonies and ideas drawn from ethnic and spiritual traditions.  Many optional special touches are available to include in your ceremony, such as the unity candle, appreciation roses, a sand ceremony, the kiss of peace, a hand ceremony, or a family ceremony involving children or relatives.

Whether your setting is a private living room, a park, a garden, a mountain top or a wooded glen, a lakeside, or a formal well-known wedding venue, together, we will create a wonderful, personalized ceremony that will remain forever a treasured memory for you and your guests.

I am available to meet with you, at your convenience. See contact information.



Danny & Gary


David & Karen
Martha Mary Chapel
Sudbury, MA


Hilary & Reji
Atop Wachusett Mountain

Heather & Patrick,
Danversport Yacht Club,
Danvers, MA


Carrie & Jon
Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center
Cambridge, MA


NIck & Crystal
Methuen Country Club

Ali & Sara
Boston Public Garden


Jessica & Paul
Fenway Park


Katy & Zach,
Hammond Castle,
Gloucester, MA


Mort & Janelle
The Rose Garden
Endicott Park, Beverly

Pam & Rashid,
Phillips Library,
Salem, MA


Rich & Sam                          Deb & Rich                        Vanessa & Jim
Stonehurst Estate,              Independence Hall,                   Sudbury, MA       
Waltham, MA                        Assonet, MA                                               


Xaymara & Wanda,
Top of the Hub

James & Kiri,
at home