I have been officiating at nuptial celebrations for 23 years and am still excited to recite those words . . . “by the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I now pronounce . . .”  The faces of the couples in front of me, at that time, is why I do it.

I started out altering bridal gowns in an exclusive shoppe in Hampton, New Hampshire and was excited to share with the brides, mothers, and parties, all the excitement that they felt leading up to “the big day.” Somehow, once the dress(es) were delivered, my job, though important, was over and my role ended. I wanted to be more of a part of such an important day so I looked into becoming a Justice of the Peace.

My New York accent has been tempered by 40 years of residence in Massachusetts as well as many years of public speaking, whether in my church in leadership roles, teaching oral communication and personal development at an exclusive business school in Boston, or in giving lectures to organizations on a variety of subjects. I have just launched a volunteer career as Docent (volunteer educator) at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. What a wonderful experience that is going to be! I am an award-winning quilter, world-wide traveler, dabbler in acrylic/watercolor painting, avid gardener and hopeful golfer.

I have been a member of the Massachusetts Justice of the Peace Association for all the years I have been a Justice and stay active in learning new legislation, laws, and education to help me serve the “wedding” community better.

The object of my profession as Justice of the Peace is to help make your day perfect – and I love doing it!